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  • What is the Cost

    Quoting rents depends on the units size allocation, length of lease. The lease price is IDR. 60,000 + 10% VAT / sqm / month. (base building size and office space).

    Rental Price Included

    The rental price included all the Common Utilities and Property Tax (PBB), Company Registration Fee (TDP) for Kalijati, Subang and Sight Board in Front Gate.

    What other cost

    Electricity and Telephone connection and consumption fee based on prevailing tariff by PLN and TELKOM. Industrial Water Consumption fee of PDAM rate apply will be charged monthly.

    What the Length of Lease

    The normal length of leased min. 8 years for Build To Suit.

    Do you have Bonded Warehouse Zone?

    For Built To Suit tenants our clients can apply for the bonded warehouse/free zone facility, we fully comply with the Indonesian custom department.

    Do you have Sale and Leased Back?

    Due the current tax law and Real Estate Investment Trust Legislation, it is not mutual beneficial to use such method.

    Is the Logistic Park located in a Special Economic Zone (SEZ)?

    No. we are not located in SEZ

    Can you do some Manufacturing on Site?

    Light assembly, quality control, packaging and repair and does not disturb the neighbor and park security is allowed.

    How is the labor situation in Kalijati, Subang

    Due the difference in the minimum wage compared to Jakarta area, currently there around 15 garment factory in a 10 kilometers radius of park. They employ around 50,000 mostly female workers. There is a current surplus of male workers with an average high school diploma.

    Do you have Dangerous Good (DG) warehouse

    As our sewer water after treated and released to the public canal is being used for rice cultivation. We are not capable to handle hazardous substance and chemical products.


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Site Address

Jl. Raya Purwadadi RT 01 RW 01 Kaliangsana Subang 41271 Indonesia Telp : +62 260 462936 Fax : +62 260 462939 Email : project@cplogisticpark.com

Office Address

Ruko Magnetica Square Jl. Majapahit Blok A No.27 Lippo Cikarang, Bekasi 17550 Indonesia Telp : +62 21 8990 3000 Fax : +62 21 8990 3100 Email : marketing@cplogisticpark.com